Morphe 3503 Fierce By Nature Palette


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      35 unstoppable shades. Hot to the touch, this scorchin' Morphe 35O3 Fierce By Nature Artistry Palette was born to dominate (just like you). Wild, sizzlin' reds and hypnotic, flamin' oranges create fierce looks that'll stop everyone in their tracks. So, glow on and fuel that creativity. Stun wild, Morphe Babe.

      • Row 1: Trance (matte light peach), Consume (matte tangerine), Frenzy (shimmering warm gold), Power Play (shimmering lime green), Savage (matte cinnamon), The OG (matte chocolate milk), Distrupt (matte red clay)
      • Row 2: Temptin' (matte coral), Flame Game (matte orange creamsicle), Ferocious (matte pumpkin spice), Come Alive (matte spring green), Major Hottie (matte terracotta), Stun Wild (shimmering copper), Embers (shimmering orange flame)
      • Row 3: New Flame (shimmering red coral), Ball of Fire (matte neon orange), Red Alert (matte scarlet), Make-Believe (rich gold glitter), Unstoppable (matte hot fuchsia), Explode (matte poppy), Hot Contents (shimmering strawberry)
      • Row 4: Domination (matte mocha), Full Blast (shimmering magenta rose), Ignition (matte mahogany), Mesmerize (shimmering brass), Inferno (shimmering cranberry), In Command (matte merlot with sparkle), Hypnotic (matte rich plum)
      • Row 5: Stamina (matte dark chocolate), Warning Label (matte garnet), Combust (shimmering bronze), Otta Control (shimmering espresso), Smolder (matte hickory), Jolt (matte smoky taupe), Smoked Out (matte smoky black)
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