NYX Glitter Primer Size 0.33 oz


  • Product Description

      Need an eyeshadow primer that locks glitter into place? This glitter primer is the holy grail product that will literally change your eye makeup routine. Minimize glitter fallout and keep each and every sparkle in its place with NYX Professional Makeup's Glitter Primer. No more glitter mess! Specifically formulated to lock glitter and foil into place, your sparkles won't move until you say so. This light and creamy formula sets and then holds on tight to NYX Professional Makeup Face and Body Glitter for a sparkle-packed look all day and night long. A little goes a long way with this glitter magnet, so only a small amount is needed to leave sparkles looking super bright and pigmented. With its long-lasting staying power, your glitter looks will never clump or fall off again. If you love glitter, then you need this glitter primer. It¿s not just a primer for eyelids, but this makeup primer can be used anywhere on the face or body where you want a little extra shimmer or shine. The formula goes on light and doesn't give that sticky feeling like other eyeshadow creams used for glitter. All NYX Professional Makeup products are proudly cruelty-free and PETA certified.

      Key Benefits:
      • Long lasting glitter primer minimizes glitter fallout
      • Lightweight and creamy formula
      • For use on any type of glitter or foil, leaving it bright and pigmented
      • Cruelty-free
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